Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Maura's biopsy results...

I have some wonderful news on Maura’s biopsy report. The large hanging mass was a lipoma which was benign. The smaller one on her hip was a benign hemangioma with good margins. We were so happy to read this report. Now Maura will heal up, grow some hair back and be ready for her forever home. She is just the sweetest, well mannered, happy girl.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Carissa Anne update

Having come through her surgery successfully, Carissa Anne has started on the long healing process. She has endeared herself to all the walkers at Culver Palms Animal Hospital – this is one of the best stories that they told. The walker was sitting in the fenced grassy area petting her and tossing a tennis ball that she could catch while still lying down. A man walked outside the fence, and leaned over to say hello to Carissa. To the walker’s surprise, while still lying down Carissa picked up the ball and threw it over the 3 ½ foot fence. He tossed it back and she caught it, still without moving. She loves tennis balls, needs one to always be in her mouth, and is eager for the day when she can play ball for real.

And here is the picture that we have been waiting for. Our sweet loving Carissa Anne is in the car (Darwin is riding shotgun) heading for a wonderful foster home, with a couple who recently lost their very much loved Golden Retriever. They weren’t quite ready to adopt yet, but wanted to help by fostering one of our Goldens. They met Carissa, and couldn’t wait to move her into their home and welcome her with lots of love and two soft fluffy beds. They have been instructed on exactly what she needs during her rehab, and will see to it that all the rules are carefully followed. They said that it is so good to have Golden love again, and to fill their days with the care that Carissa needs. And who knows – perhaps one day they will join the failed foster club!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Maura's mass removal

Maura had her surgery on Tuesday.  The mass was removed and weighed 3-1/4 pounds!  We are awaiting results of the biopsy. Maura is doing well after her surgery to remove the mass.  While she was under anesthesia she had another lump removed on her side.   As you can see, she also is being treated for ear infections in both ears.  She's back with her foster home and we are now awaiting the biopsy results.  She is the sweetest girl and when her incisions heal, she will finally be comfortable.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Maura update

Today I went to visit Maura and take some more recent photos.    The doctor ordered her to be shaved down - got rid of all the mats, had a good bath, and we can only imagine how gorgeous she will be when this mass is removed and her hair grows back.   I was amazed at how well she is getting around dragging this "thing".   She is friendly, interested in things, comes over for attention, and just a wonderful, sweet girl.   Her bloodwork came back great with no concerns, and so far all tests that have been run are looking good.   Surgery is still scheduled for Tuesday.   I'll update after the surgery on how she is doing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Meet Maura

Maura came in to our rescue from a local shelter that I cover. She is a very sweet, dark red girl, estimated to be 10 year old, with this enormous lump attached to her stomach area. This photo is of her laying down when she first entered the vets for her checkup and to run some tests. We will be running tests on her and her surgery for removal is set for next Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Baldwin ready for adoption very soon

Baldwin has been neutered and doing well. His real hair is growing in now and we are starting to see what color he really will be. He's gaining weight and is not up to 58 pounds. He's still skinny but certainly not what he looked like when he came in to rescue. He's a happy boy, loves to play with his tennis ball, and is gaining his strength back. Initially he could barely walk, now he's playing ball. We will be making him available officially once he has healed from his neutering and we feel he is ready for his forever home.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Carissa Anne update

On July 28 our sweet Carissa Anne underwent surgery to repair the old cruciate ligament tear that had never been treated. She came through with flying colors, and is now ready for a long, six week recovery. Her exercise is very limited right now, out for potty and then right back to her kennel. She is being treated at Culver Palms Pet Hospital, and they have fenced in a wonderful grassy area in the side yard at the hospital. This makes a perfect spot for the walkers to take Carissa several times a day. She can do what she has to do, and then can lie in the sun and be easily available for her favorite pastime, being petted. The picture shows a bare spot on the side of her face. There was a growth there which was removed during her surgery. It was benign, so Carissa only has to worry about getting better, getting some strength back in that leg, losing quite a few pounds, and finding herself a forever home to make up for the years of neglect. Not a difficult job for a beautiful six year old girl.