Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Baldwin ready for adoption very soon

Baldwin has been neutered and doing well. His real hair is growing in now and we are starting to see what color he really will be. He's gaining weight and is not up to 58 pounds. He's still skinny but certainly not what he looked like when he came in to rescue. He's a happy boy, loves to play with his tennis ball, and is gaining his strength back. Initially he could barely walk, now he's playing ball. We will be making him available officially once he has healed from his neutering and we feel he is ready for his forever home.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Carissa Anne update

On July 28 our sweet Carissa Anne underwent surgery to repair the old cruciate ligament tear that had never been treated. She came through with flying colors, and is now ready for a long, six week recovery. Her exercise is very limited right now, out for potty and then right back to her kennel. She is being treated at Culver Palms Pet Hospital, and they have fenced in a wonderful grassy area in the side yard at the hospital. This makes a perfect spot for the walkers to take Carissa several times a day. She can do what she has to do, and then can lie in the sun and be easily available for her favorite pastime, being petted. The picture shows a bare spot on the side of her face. There was a growth there which was removed during her surgery. It was benign, so Carissa only has to worry about getting better, getting some strength back in that leg, losing quite a few pounds, and finding herself a forever home to make up for the years of neglect. Not a difficult job for a beautiful six year old girl.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Baldwin update

Just an update on Baldwin's progress. He is now 58 pounds - wow, and is he starting to look good. He was neutered yesterday and we did a recheck of his bloodwork and heartworm. The bloodwork looked very good and the heartworm, which he had been diagnosed with and then tests showed he was negative, verified yesterday that he is negative. The doctor has ordered another recheck in December but hopefully, he is adopted by then and we would recommend his new home do the recheck. His fur is starting to come in with the color that he really is. The yellow, straw colored hair is coming out and underneath is a light Golden Retriever. Once he recovers from his neutering surgery, he will be officially ready for adoption.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Meet Carissa Anne

Welcome to Rescue, Carissa Anne. Carissa is a Greek word meaning “beloved”, which she has become to everyone who has met her. She was a back yard dog with a beautiful red coat that had not seen a brush for the 6 years of her life. There were mats the size of a fist, so close to the skin they had caused irritation.

When she came in from a local shelter to Culver Palms Animal Hospital, we noticed she was favoring her right rear leg. X-rays showed an old cruciate ligament tear that had never been repaired. The pain of this tear was made even more intense by the fact that Carissa weighs 104 pounds, about 30 pounds more than she should.

Carissa Anne is a sweet, loving girl. Her mobility is so limited now, that the walkers take her to a fenced grassy area just outside Culver Palms, for fresh air and petting. She will sit between their legs, facing them, with her paw on their knee asking for petting. If her paw comes down, and they stop petting, the paw is immediately back on their knee for more petting. She smiles into their eyes the entire time.

Her surgery is scheduled for July 28. There will be updates as Carissa Anne begins her recovery.

Baldwin doing very well in foster care

Baldwin continues to gain weight and is now at 53 pounds. The photo of the top of his head shows what color his hair really is. His hair when he came in had been bleached out from laying in the sun for a long time. He is having fun at his foster home, playing ball, and just hanging out with his friends. Baldwin is a great dog and really enjoys human contact. We are currently planning his neuter for the first week of August.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baldwin's 2nd heartworm test is negative

Baldwin is doing much better and is now in a foster home. He is very slowly gaining weight after being fed 3 times a day at the vets. We have run the initial tests again and now find out that the heartworm positive is now negative, and the Ehrlichia positive is now negative. I am so happy about these results. We also tested him for EPI which is a problem with the dog absorbing the nutrients from their food. That came back negative, also. He is currently receiving Vitamin B12 shots weekly and being fed 3 times a day. He eats very rapidly so is now using a special bowl to slow him down. Baldwin is a wonderful, sweet, great with all size dogs, boy. He still needs work on his house breaking, and still needs to be neutered when he has gained enough weight.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Baldwin tests positive for heartworm

This morning I drove to visit with Baldwin.  These pictures were taken that morning.  What a sweet, dear boy and oh so happy in spite of the physical condition he is in.  He is now walking - not distances, but at least walking outside to go potty and sniff the bushes.  His tail wags all the time and he is so thankful for the good care that he is getting and all the food - wow 3 big meals a day, every day.  We got some of his tests back and while he is not positive for Ehrlichia, he is Heartworm positive.  The reports said to do a retest again in a week or so to see if it still comes back positive before starting treatment.  This is very hard on the dog and he has to be kept very quiet and calm during the initial treatments.   We still need to get weight on him before this can be started.