Thursday, November 15, 2018

Meet CiCi

CiCi is a 10 year old female surrendered to the rescue because the owner passed away. The owner had had CiCi since she was a puppy so her transition has been hard for her. Not in the best shape with being very overweight, a few lipomas, some dental tartar and a lipid on one of her eyes. Her fur had also been clipped close to her skin with some patches of fur loss. Her owner had her current on her vaccinations so we started with doing a senior blood panel on her. With that, we discovered that she has hypothyroidism. This is one of the contributing factors with her significant weight issue and hair loss. She is currently taking medication and will be re-tested in 3-4 weeks to see if her levels are therapeutic.

Tabatha is adopted!

Although still dealing with some medical issues, I am happy to announce that Tabatha, now known as Tabby, has been adopted by her foster family! Congratulations to the Barksdale family. We are so thankful that Tabby has found such a fantastic home.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Video of Tabatha

Meet Tabitha

This sweet girl is from an area shelter. The neglect is evident in the condition of her skin and coat. Her teeth are worn down from chewing on herself, both her ears are infected and one of her eyes has an infection. Even with all this going on, she still greets everyone with a wiggly back end and wagging tail.


Meet Sargent Major

Sarge was caught by Animal Control and brought into the shelter as a stray. He has some lumps and bumps, hair loss (probably from fleas), and could use to gain a little weight as we can easily see his ribs. Sarge is in a foster home and getting some TLC including good food and antibiotics for his skin. We are waiting to neuter him until his skin clears up. He is really a great dog with an amazing temperament. Very much the Golden Retriever temperament we all love.


Friday, August 24, 2018

Laura Ann recently had a re-check after completing her first round of antibiotics. She has gotten stronger and more steady on her feet. The doctor has prescribed another round of antibiotics and then a re-check with chest x-ray in two weeks. Her eyes seem to still be irritated so we will try a different medication. She has gained weight and strength and is well enough to start some basic training. She is proving to be sweet, loyal and very smart, as you can see for yourself.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Adam's fight is over, the pain is gone

Friday night: Our heart is breaking as our little warrior is still fighting and has suffered a couple of seizures. More tests. 

Saturday: Little Atom’s levels are dropping and not stablizing. He could have possible distemper. The decision was made to give this boy peace and be free of pain. Good night sweet pup. Rest In Peace.

This is so very hard on all of us but especially to those that held this pup close to them. Thank you to the staff and doctors at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center and the volunteers who prayed for Atom along the way. Gives lots of hugs to your pups today.