Friday, August 24, 2018

Laura Ann recently had a re-check after completing her first round of antibiotics. She has gotten stronger and more steady on her feet. The doctor has prescribed another round of antibiotics and then a re-check with chest x-ray in two weeks. Her eyes seem to still be irritated so we will try a different medication. She has gained weight and strength and is well enough to start some basic training. She is proving to be sweet, loyal and very smart, as you can see for yourself.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Adam's fight is over, the pain is gone

Friday night: Our heart is breaking as our little warrior is still fighting and has suffered a couple of seizures. More tests. 

Saturday: Little Atom’s levels are dropping and not stablizing. He could have possible distemper. The decision was made to give this boy peace and be free of pain. Good night sweet pup. Rest In Peace.

This is so very hard on all of us but especially to those that held this pup close to them. Thank you to the staff and doctors at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center and the volunteers who prayed for Atom along the way. Gives lots of hugs to your pups today.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Atom - Good but Guarded

Eating and Drinking - Wednesday, August 1
His positive steps are small and timely, licking up a little food, drinking on his own...but everyone is determined and dedicated to get this puppy out of the hospital and have him learning what a puppy should be experiencing at this age. Although our volunteer could not hold him since he was sleeping soundly, she was able to pet him as he opened his eyes slowly to take a peek and then back to sleep.

Liking Chicken - Thursday, August 2
Atom is eating some chicken and puppy food, but still has low levels of sodium and protein.

Getting closer to independence but still guarded - Friday, August 3
Atom has been removed from IV medications and can now take them orally. Atom is still just eating a bit, doing his P and P , and sleeping most of the time.

Atom's surgery successful

Saturday, July28:  Emergency surgery was performed and now Atom is facing a difficult recovery. Your donation will help cover the costs of his emergency as well as provide life supporting after care in the hospital.

Sunday, July 29: Now for the hard part!  Surgery went well and now he is being monitored and provided with plasma, fluids and nutrients while testing his levels throughout the day.

Meet Atom

So much pain, so very young
This young baby, Atom, was close to having all his organs shutting down after days of vomiting, then not eating or moving. We knew we had a very sick puppy but not a conclusive diagnosis. Expensive tests needed to be performed to determine that Atom had intussusception. This is when the intestine telescopes within itself.

Laura Ann update

So far so good! Laura Ann has headed off to her foster home. The doctor has released this fighter since she is eating much better and is more alert. Laura Ann was an angel in the car over to her foster parents' home. She is very happy and took a little snooze in her bed while her foster mom worked. She is taking two different antibiotics with her food and has been very cooperative. Her eyes look OK...still dripping a little so foster mom is using some soft gauze to try and keep them clean so they don’t get irritated.

Although Laura Ann did not care for the tasty chicken mixed in with kibble for dinner, her foster family will keep trying. They will try a lesser ratio to help ease her back. She did eat a nice big meal though. Foster mom reported that she slept very soundly in her bed last night and is doing great with her meds. She also got a new toy because of my love for (real) hot dogs. Breathing is ok, still a little labored at times but not constant as in the hospital. She’s doing ok on short slow walks but still very low activity allowed for this girl.