Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Beren looking good

Beren returned to the vets to have his stitches removed and to get another set of exercises that his foster home is now doing to help him get his strength back. From listening to the list of exercises, it seems to take most of the day to complete them all. Beren is doing good, and much happier to have the E-Collar removed.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Beren updage

Beren went back to Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital to have his incision checked yesterday, 3-28-18, and he is healing well. The bandage was taken off but he still has a week with the staples before they are removed. His foster parents now have some "range of motion" exercises to do with him daily and lots and lots of short walks to building up the muscles and help him heal. Next week he has a return visit to have the staples removed. I'll send an update after that visit.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Beren back in foster home after surgery

Beren is now back in his foster home and on a limited schedule for short 5 minute walks several times a day for the next week. He will be returning next week to have the bandage taken off, recheck, and for his foster home to be given his range of motion exercises. Beren is doing well and getting lots of attention.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Meet Beren

Beren is a 1 year old boy who came in to our rescue. He was favoring his left rear leg. We've had him on pain medication since his intake and after several visits to 4 different doctors, it was felt by all that were consulted that he needed surgery to help to be pain free in his future life. Surgery was performed yesterday, 3/20/18 at Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital, and Beren is going home today. He will be with his foster parents during recuperation and will return in 10-14 days for suture removal and recheck. He will also be given a course of exercises to build up his muscles. Updated photos of Beren in recovery will be added when received.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Meet Bentley

Bentley arrived in Rescue from a local shelter. He had a slight cough and sneezing upon intake, but this developed into full blown pneumonia. He was also anemic. He was kept in isolation and since he wasn’t eating or drinking, he had to be nourished with IV’s. He needed a Nebulizer to help him breathe. He had to be carried outside for bathroom breaks and basically just laid down, acting disinterested and depressed. The dog walkers would try to entice him with toys and high value foods. It took a month at the vet for him to rally and start acting like a normal dog, but he still shows signs of lung infections and anemia.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chance ready for foster home

Chance has done wonderful in his recovery and is now ready to go to his foster home. His incision has healed well, and he is taking longer walks, enjoying his time with all the volunteers who come in to spend time with him, and is now ready to go home. I want to thank everyone who sent their well wishes, supported him in his recovery and cared about this wonderful senior Golden. His personality is what everyone wants in a Golden.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Chance's drains are out - he's doing great!

Today Chance had his bandages and drains removed and he is doing so much better. If you see some drainage near his rear that is ok but is caused because he wags his tail so much. He is a happy, happy boy. If he continues to improve, he may be able to go to a foster home this coming weekend. He is not just sitting around all the time now in a kennel as he has visitors all day long that come in and spend time with him. He is quite the Star. I am so happy we gave Chance a chance.