Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wilson update #2

Today I visited with Wilson and he is now eating on his own, up and moving around more, and enjoying all the attention. His fever has gone down in the last day and he is slowly healing but it will take a long time. The wound is very extensive and very deep. Because of where the location is, it is very hard to keep a bandage on it. Today, when I saw him, he had both the bandage on his leg and a sling over his body to keep the bandage in place. When his doctor determines that he has healed enough, we will proceed to the next step in his treatment. Right now he is only going outside, for a short potty break, with the staff at the veterinary hospital and enjoys visits with the volunteers who sit with him and spend time with him. He is being kept in a isolation room where he is away from other animals and he can see the staff during the day and they can observe him.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wilson update - WARNING: graphic photos

Today Wilson is doing a little better. His bandage - now pink - was changed again this afternoon and the doctor debrided the wound to remove the dead tissue. It is a stinky, painful procedure, but Wilson is being such a good boy and lays there letting them take care of him. He loves the volunteers coming in to visit with him - no walks for this boy right now. That will come down the road once he is healed up. We are finding out that just the slightest effort trying to walk outside raises his temperature so only a short walk to potty and then back inside. I asked the vet staff today to take him for a short walk around in the clinic to see if the temperature raises in a cool place and will get the report on that tomorrow. He's a very sweet, tail wagging boy. Updates will come as he progresses.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Meet Wilson!

Wilson arrived in rescue this afternoon in very bad condition. He was running a high fever, and had a large, open, infected wound on his leg. Upon arrival our wonderful vet staff started to work on him, assessed his physical condition and started running tests on him. His bandages were changed and will be changed every day until the wound starts to heal. He is on antibiotics and two types of pain meds. Wilson was initially so weak he had to be carried outside to relieve himself. We are finding that with very little activity his fever goes down to a much lower level. With any activity, it raises up but not as high as when he first came in. He's a very sweet boy and currently our volunteers are taking shifts to go in and sit with him during the day and just be with him. He is so happy to see them.