Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meet Kitty

Kitty is a 6 year old who was turned over to rescue because her previous owners were relocating and could not take her with. We knew right away that this poor girl had some health concerns. Although she was very sweet and engaging, walking her was a constant stop and go. She would try to relieve herself while there would be no output. We immediately conducted x-rays. We could not do a urinalysis because there was nothing to sample. The x-rays showed us what we suspected and much worse. Poor Kitty had 4 bladder stones the size of 2 inches in diameter each. The only way these could come out was surgically. We were able to get her scheduled the next day.

The more timely we could be the less time she would be in pain. These stones had been developing over a long period of time but we wanted to find out what could cause these. After removal and testing, we put Kitty on a month long course of antibiotics and pain medication as needed. Our thoughts are that these were caused by a chronic infection. We will test her in a month to see if there are any other concerns for a reccurence.

Kitty moved into a foster home with some canine foster brothers and sisters and is doing great. She is joining in all the fun of running and chasing while enjoying the comforts of home. The couch is a resting spot during the day and she has been snuggling with her foster dad in bed at night.