Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meet Kassandra

Kassandra is a 6-year old female found as a stray and rescued from an area shelter. It was obvious that Kassy has allergies or skin problems. She has some missing and thinning hair. Very noticeably on one side of her snout and face. We have put her on a good diet for common food allergies and started her on some medication that have calmed her skin. We are also thinking that some of her skin problems are related to the anxiety of being lost and in a strange and noisy place as the shelter. So now that she is in a foster home, she is relaxing. Her skin issues were very obvious to us when we first saw Kassy, but we discovered something later, a cruciate tear , after x-rays and specialist consultation. Her limp was not very pronounce so we started her on pain medication in hope that it was a temporary condition. She responded well to the medication but the position of her rear leg while walking showed us enough to investigate further. Kassy is now scheduled for surgery that will require 5-6 weeks recovery.