Monday, July 25, 2016

Meet Carissa Anne

Welcome to Rescue, Carissa Anne. Carissa is a Greek word meaning “beloved”, which she has become to everyone who has met her. She was a back yard dog with a beautiful red coat that had not seen a brush for the 6 years of her life. There were mats the size of a fist, so close to the skin they had caused irritation.

When she came in from a local shelter to Culver Palms Animal Hospital, we noticed she was favoring her right rear leg. X-rays showed an old cruciate ligament tear that had never been repaired. The pain of this tear was made even more intense by the fact that Carissa weighs 104 pounds, about 30 pounds more than she should.

Carissa Anne is a sweet, loving girl. Her mobility is so limited now, that the walkers take her to a fenced grassy area just outside Culver Palms, for fresh air and petting. She will sit between their legs, facing them, with her paw on their knee asking for petting. If her paw comes down, and they stop petting, the paw is immediately back on their knee for more petting. She smiles into their eyes the entire time.

Her surgery is scheduled for July 28. There will be updates as Carissa Anne begins her recovery.