Thursday, October 30, 2014

Meet Marco

Marco was found as a stray by animal control and only available to a rescue because of state of his health and condition.  He is extremely emaciated and depressed.  Once at our vet, we discovered that he had pneumonia and was hypoglycemic.  We have placed him on antibiotics, IV fluids with glucose.  Our volunteers are visiting twice a day to give him love and attention. They are also bringing him treats and food like chicken and turkey that he will eat out of their hands.  His appetite inside the hospital has been low so we are trying to give him some extra nutritional boosts.   He needs to stay at the hospital for now until we can get him through these big hurdles.  Once he gets outside for fresh air, he perks up and will climb up in your lap for pets and cuddles.  Although he is so sick and skinny, he is a handsome boy with a sweet disposition.  Please send good thoughts his way for a recovery.  He will probably be in the hospital for a lengthy stay and would benefit directly from any donations made to our Shamrock Fund.