Friday, January 30, 2015

Meet Kopper

We rescued Kopper from a local shelter. She was found alone on a property with no ID and was brought to the shelter. This senior girl has a poor coat, is anemic, very thin, has never been spayed, and has 5 abdominal masses (1 large mass and 4 much smaller ones). The shelter thinks she is about 15 years old, but our vet thinks she’s more like 10. Her energy is pretty good and she is a very sweet girl. Our vet has suggested that we take a biopsy of the large mass to make sure it’s not an aggressive cancer. We do not want to put Kopper through a big surgery if she has a cancer that is going to limit her life expectancy. We’ll see what the biopsy tells us. In the meantime, Kopper is boarding at our vet’s office getting good food and good care.