Saturday, December 5, 2015

Meet Merry!

Merry recently arrived in rescue from a local shelter. She is a 7 year old girl who had been hit by a car and had multiple injuries - head trauma, multiple fractured pelvis which requires surgery to repair, and many skin abrasions from the accident. Merry is a very sweet girl, and even with all the injuries she is very good with the veterinary staff that is treating her. When she arrived initially on the stretcher, everyone was concerned that her injuries were too severe to help, but she is amazing us with her progress. She now has feeling in her feet and she is showing us that she wants to get up and move around. Now she is not walking but is more alert, shifting her weight, and alert to what everyone is doing. She even had a bath, which I was so surprised to hear. They are working on all her skin abrasions and the edema from the injuries. It's amazing how she is doing and we hope for a good recovery.

Donations would be appreciated to help with her surgery and medical bills. Both Merry and I appreciate all your help.